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Creating personalized, modern, and client-centric designs to help you make that all-important first impression.


When thoughtfully designed, a website is an essential marketing device for all creatives. They are every business's primary resource for establishing brand identity, online presence, and credibility in the modern technology market.

The voice acting industry becomes increasingly competitive by the day. I will work closely with you to create a unique design personalized to you and your brand, that is equally eye-catching and effective at communicating your services to potential clients.

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the process


― domain and builder ―

I currently offer design services for Wix, Squarespace, and Carrd. 
Paid subscriptions for website builders and domain hosting registration are separate fees from my design services. Please keep this in mind when selecting your preferred builder and payment plans.


― consultation ―

We will schedule a voice chat/meeting to discuss the package you have chosen over Discord or Zoom. I will present you with a quote, and we will go over design ideas together. Please be prepared with ideas and/or inspiration. It will help immensely when calculating an accurate quote.


― invoice (part one) ―

After the consultation, I will send you a link to the PayPal invoice. Half of the payment will be due before I begin working on the desktop design. You are welcome to pay everything upfront!


― materials ―

I will send a Google Drive folder link and checklist. You are responsible for gathering all of the materials that you want to include on the site (images, audio files, PDFs, text, etc.) and uploading them to the folder within 90 days,


― desktop design ―


Once the first half of the invoice is paid and all of the materials are ready, I will begin working on the desktop version of the website. The first draft takes 7 to 14 days depending on my current queue and the complexity of the design. You will receive screenshots of the drafts as I go.


― revisions ―

I will send you a draft of the entire website. We will talk over text chat or voice chat to confirm changes you would like to make. Please note that this is the last opportunity to make any content or layout additions before I finalize the invoice. 


― invoice (part two) ―

After you have approved of the desktop version, I will request for the second half of the payment before I continue. Any additional fees made in the revision phase will be included on an updated invoice.


― mobile design ―


Once I confirm receipt of the second half of the payment, I will begin working on the mobile design. The mobile version will take 24 to 48 hours to complete.


― publish! ―


When you have approved both the desktop and mobile versions, I will set up some basic SEO to make your site more visible on the web and social media.

The site will then be published, and you will be able to view your brand new website live!

current rates

PLEASE NOTE! This chart is NOT a replacement for an official quote. This is strictly meant to be a resource to help you estimate the amount you should expect based on what you wish to include on your website. Please contact me directly and schedule a consultation to discuss the final total cost.

base price

Automatically includes the following:

  • One-pager (perfect for people who want their website to focus on voice acting)

  • Free 72-hour service for minor changes after the website has already been published (see Terms and Conditions for what qualify as "minor" and "major" changes


multiple pages

+ $25

Consider adding more pages if you:

  • Offer multiple services other than voice acting (writing, directing, art, singing, music, audio engineering, etc.)

  • Require ample space to display all of your necessary information (particularly recommended for large character walls or resume pages)

  • Prefer a layout that is spread out

  • Just really like organizing things separately (believe me, I totally get it)

per additional page

custom graphic design

price varies

These are elements not included in the default settings of the website builder:

  • 2D geometric backgrounds ($10-$30)

  • 2D animated backgrounds ($30-$100)

  • Banners ($10-$50)

  • Simple logos ($50-$100)

  • Animated icons ($5 per icon)

  • Photo editing ($5-$50)

  • Other (let's talk!)

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