about me

Maddie Matsumoto is a voice actress, singer, graphic designer, sound designer, and entrepreneur from California, USA. While English is her native language, she has spent nearly her entire life mastering Japanese. Fascinated by the arts at a young age, Maddie is a natural performer with enormous ambitions.

Driven by creativity, Maddie has been an active freelancer since 2016. She is constantly reaching out to new and exciting opportunities, while still focusing on developing genuine connections in both the online and offline networks. 

When she is not screaming into a microphone or sitting at the computer for hours on Photoshop, Maddie spends most of her time playing basketball, hanging out with friends, shopping, studying, marathoning Shark Tank episodes, and consuming an unhealthy amount of boba milk tea.  She appreciates heartwarming memes and the occasional dad joke.

© 2020 by Maddie Matsumoto

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